A short 30 minute drive from Geelong is Freshwater Creek Cottages, a beautiful farm stay and experience awaits.

Its feels like visiting a friends farm, with small groups and a daily tour, you are also free to roam the huge property. With 20 acres of farming paddocks that hold sheep, cows, horses, goats and pigs. There is also an abundance of wildlife from birds to kangaroos.

Our tour began with the pigs, since we have a French Bulldog, our kids loved to see the resemblance to him. The piglets were incredible playful and friendly.

A highlight of the visit was walking to goats from their pen, incredibly stubborn and perhaps more being walked by the goats, the kids loved it.

At each paddock is a large feed pile for visitors to grab and hand feed the animals. Being self paced and free range made this experience feel authentic and a fun way to disconnect as a family. 

We look forward to visiting here again!

For more info you can visit their website.


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